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Mediation Intake Form

Any change in a family’s structure, but certainly a separation, divorce, serious health challenge or death, can bring stress and uncertainty to the most resilient of folks.  At these times, we often have to turn down one unfamiliar legal avenue or another to ensure that all of the family’s needs continue to be met.

Whenever possible, we advise and encourage our clients to seek a mediated outcome to these sorts of difficult situations and the changes that they require.  Using mediation does several important things:

  • mediation provides the most autonomy and control for the parties in a situation where they often feel out of control,
  • the process encourages them to remember that they still care about and respect each other even if they don’t agree on every particular of how to move forward, and
  • mediators give them the tools that help them not to allow the fear that is almost always present to dictate the outcome.

We are ready to provide you with mediation services through Zoom conferencing –

  • confidential,
  • secure
  • easily accessible
  • available now when the courts are not . . .

Give us a call today to explore how mediation can help you through your family’s difficult times.

(if seeking Divorce Mediation)
(if seeking Divorce Mediation)
(if seeking Divorce Mediation)
(if seeking Divorce Mediation)
  • Once both parties have contacted us, to confirm their participation in mediation, it is our practice to  communicate via email. Communicating via email allows everyone to have the same information at the  same time and everyone must “reply to all” so that everyone has all of the information that is being  circulated.  
  • You will then receive a mediation agreement for you both to review. The agreement includes important  information about the process itself.  
  • The hourly rate is $320.00 (responsibility for payment is divided between you as you agree).  
  • The meetings are scheduled by email as well. Our office is located at 1856 Quechee Main Street, No. 1C, Quechee, VT 05059. 
  • Both parties meet together with Attorney Buckholz, neither party meets with her separately to discuss  the issues prior to the first session. During the mediation process, each party may have separate meeting  time with Attorney Buckholz if the parties agree to doing so.  
  • If any documents have been filed, we ask that they are brought to the first mediation session or sent  ahead of time.